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You can book your tickets online via the website of Heinrich Schütz Music Festival (www.schü, and print them with print@home service. Advanced booking is also available by phone or by letter.

Online around the clock service including print@home


Telephone: ++49 (0)1806 700 733*
* 0,20 € flat fee for German landlines
0,60 € for mobile phones – around the clock, also on weekends and holidays

Advanced Booking Locations

For all events of the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival

Heinrich Schütz House, Bad Köstritz

Heinrich-Schütz-Straße 1 | 07586 Bad Köstritz
Tel. (036605) 2405

Heinrich Schütz House, Weißenfels

Weißenfelser Musikverein „Heinrich Schütz“ e.V.
Nikolaistraße 13 I 06667 Weißenfels
Tel. (03443) 30 28 35

Tourist Information Weißenfels

Markt 3 | 06667 Weißenfels
Tel. (03443) 30 30 70

Tourist Information Zeitz

Altmarkt 16 | Gewandhaus
06712 Zeitz
Tel.: (03441) 83292

Ticket office of the Kreuzkirche Dresden

An der Kreuzkirche 6 | 01067 Dresden
Tel.: (0351) 4965807

Frauenkirche Dresden

Ticketservice Georg-Treu-Platz 3
Anbau Coselpalais, 1. OG | 01067 Dresden
Tel.: (0351) 656 06 701

The terms and conditions are valid through the event organizers.
Booking fees and shipping costs are dependent on the general terms and conditions of each advanced booking location.


As well as on all known ticket outlets

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Bad Köstritz

Heinrich Schütz House
Heinrich-Schütz-Strasse 1
07586 Bad Köstritz

St. Leonhard Church
Am Kirchberg 3
07586 Bad Köstritz

Köstritzer Schwarzbierbrauerei
Dreiseitenhof der Brauerei
Heinrich-Schütz-Straße 16
07586 Bad Köstritz

Palais | Festsaal
Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 4
07586 Bad Köstritz


01067 Dresden

Hauptstraße 23
01097 Dresden

Loschwitzer Kirche
Pillnitzer Landstraße 7
01326 Dresden

01067 Dresden

Jazzclub Tonne
Tzschirnerplatz 3-5
01067 Dresden

Small palace courtyard in the Dresden
Taschenberg 2
01067 Dresden

An der Kreuzkirche 6
01067 Dresden

Militärhistorisches Museum der Bundeswehr
Olbrichtplatz 2
01099 Dresden

Palace Chapel in Dresden Residence Palace
Zugang über Chiaverigasse, Grünes Tor
01067 Dresden

SLUB | Talleyrand-Zimmer
Zellescher Weg 18
01069 Dresden

Taschenberg 2
01097 Dresden


Dorfkirche St. Margareten in Gera-Tinz
Tinzer Straße 2
07546 Gera

St. Salvatorkirche
Nicolaiberg 2
07545 Gera


Nikolaistraße 13
06667 Weißenfels

Kulturhaus Weißenfels
Merseburger Str. 14
06667 Weißenfels

Castle church at Neu-Augustusburg Castle
Zeitzer Straße 4
06667 Weißenfels

St. Marienkirche
Kirchgasse 3
06667 Weißenfels


Dom St. Peter und Paul
Schlossstraße 6
06712 Zeitz

Festsaal Moritzburg Castle
Schlossstraße 6
06712 Zeitz

St. Michaeliskirche
Michaeliskirchhof 7
06712 Zeitz

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Special Offers


A special offer for students
For 5,00 €, each young and curious person can participate, s/he just has to have a student ID!
The Junior!_Card allows free seating in all sections according to capacity


One adult and one child (up to 18 years) pay together 20,- € in free choice of seats. Going out together is more fun!


Buy 6 tickets and receive a 10% rebate: if you buy 6 or more tickets in one order, you’ll receive a rebate of 10%. – Guided-tours are not included.


Are you arriving in company? Please ask us about our special conditions for group discounts! These tickets can be booked over the Geschäftsstelle der Mitteldeutschen Barockmusik e.V. [see contact page]

Prices and Discounts

The prices shown are the normal prices; c. 25% discount for students, trainees, handicapped, and welfare recipients (SGB II and SGB XII) upon presentation of a valid ID. These IDs are also necessary for admittance to the event. Highly disabled people are permitted to be accompanied by one person, free of charge; these tickets may only be booked over the offices of the MBM.


Reservations are binding. Reserved tickets must be paid for and picked up within 10 days. If the ticket is not paid for within the reservation period of 10 days from the time of order to the account of Musikfest, Musikfest is no longer bound to the offer, the reservation is cancelled, and the tickets return to free sale. Written orders are possible up to 10 days before the event; shipping is possible up until 4 days before the event.
Reservations can be made from the box office up to 10 days before the event. Reserved tickets from the box office must be paid for and picked up 30 minutes before the event begins. If the tickets are not picked up, they will be billed.

Tickets can not be exchanged or returned dur to changes in cast, program, and partially fulfilled orders. Tickets will only be returned due to the cancellation of an event. The refund in this case occurs within 4 weeks after the date of the event, and goes directly to the advanced sale location where the tickets were originally obtained, and will be given when proof of the original payment (card or bank transfer) is given. Further claims, such as the refund of fees, travel costs or hotel costs are excluded. We accept no liability for the loss of the ticket. For missed events, no replacement will be provided.


The seating in lower-price seating areas may be partially but considerably visually obstructed.
Please consider the season, and dress accordingly.
Note that churches are mostly not temperature-controlled


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