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Sonic walk through time and space

Welcome to the
SWALK Heinrich Schütz

Here one can experience unique
sonic walks through space and time,
exploring prominent stations in the life and
work of the composer of the century: Heinrich Schütz.
New stations and pathways are regularly being created
through central Germany and throughout Europe, which
will culminate in Schütz’s commemorative year of 2022.
Here, one can discover Heinrich Schütz's world in a
completely new way. The Heinrich Schütz sonic
walks offer innovative explorations of the
cultural history of Central Germany, with
interactions of early music together
with the newest electronics,
interweaving past,
present and

                     Listen in: interview with Orchestroniker® Fabian Russ

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Soundwalk Heinrich Schütz
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About the project SWALK Heinrich Schütz

Initiated by the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival, the project SWALK Heinrich Schütz presents unique sonic walks through space and time, exploring prominent stations in the life and work of the composer Heinrich Schütz. The goal of the SWALK Heinrich Schütz is to rediscover Schutz’s time, influence and body of work in an entirely new way.

SWALK, a merging of the words ‘sound’ and ‘walk’, is a geo-location-based audio app. For the first time, through the SWALK Heinrich Schütz, one can experience the life and work of a composer in sound bubbles using GPS-controlled “sonic walks”. The SWALK Heinrich Schütz app is constantly growing: the first sonic walks and sound stations are available in Weißenfels, Bad Köstritz, Zeitz and Dresden. These are continuously expanding as new places are added.

By entering the sound bubbles, one can hear in the finest 3D sound sonic masterpieces from the 17th century by internationally renowned interpreters, together with brief background information and electronic Orchestronik® sound collages by Fabian Russ. This provides the listener with a novel mix of information and entertainment describing the life of the great composer Heinrich Schütz, bringing Central Germany and Europe closer together as a sonic experience.

The sound collages to be heard alongside Schütz's original works combine early music with electronic sound material, melding historical performance practice with the latest technology: Using the composition approach of Orchestronik®, works by Heinrich Schütz are interwoven with compositions by Fabian Russ. The young composer and sound artist creatively engages in a moving dialogue between the original work and its recording by the Dresden Chamber Choir under the direction of Hans-Christoph Rademann. Fabian Russ traces the multilayered entanglements and creates a completely new sonic space that connects musical avant-gardes of different centuries. The composition “Kaleidoskop der Räume” [Kaleidoscope of Spaces] by Fabian Russ was commissioned by the Heinrich Schütz Music Festival in 2019. It was presented here for the first time in October 2019 in a sound installation in the lower church of the Frauenkirche Dresden:

In the middle of the 3D sound dome | photo: Grit Jandura

The dome construction
photo: Grit Jandura

Fabian Russ, composer
photo: Grit Jandura

A sound installation is created: A making of
(stereo sound)

Do you have headphones on hand? Then discover the video in 3D sound.


Here you can learn more about the work and the sound installation Kaleidoskop der Räume [Kaleidoscope of spaces].


SWALK Heinrich Schütz
A project by Heinrich Schütz Musikfest und SWALK – Fabian Russ & Tobias Philipp

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